Monday, October 31, 2011

Custom Cozy Drink Holder

Happy Halloween!!

For this week's project: Custom Drink cozy (it's a hit at any tailgate!)

For those of you that keep stopping by every week that aren't interested in learning crochet, I promise, I WILL start posting other projects that don't include crocheting. For those of you that like crochet, this is an extremely simple project. I had some extra time on Friday but I didn't want to get caught up in a long project; I was prepping for a Saturday college football tailgate, and with the weather forecast so grim, I figured I'd try my luck at making a drink cozy. As the project seemed so simple, I didn't bother looking up a pattern. I figured I'd wing it, and hope for the best.
I can say now, after a few people have tried out my cozies; and we unfortunately lost some beer, in an effort to maintain snuggness, I am altering my original pattern. (I didn't take into consideration how much the yarn would stretch)

Here's the revised pattern..

SIze H crochet hook
acrylic yarn (2 colors)
darning needle

Create a slipknot
chain 12
1st Row: double crochet in the 3 chain from the hook, continue to double crochet in each of the following chains until you reach the end of the row; chain 3, turn your work
2nd Row: double crochet in the first double crochet, continue to double crochet in each of the following double crochets until you reach the end of the row, chain 3, turn your work
3rd through 13th Row: continue to repeat directions in the 2nd row.

Now, cut 1 foot of yarn
crochet 1, but instead of leaving the yarn on the hook, pull the 1 extra foot of yarn through, pull to tighten, and you should create a knot
You should have something that looks like the below...

Next, thread the darning needle
Match up the beginning and the end of your work, and begin to sew together

Weave yarn through end to end, you should be left with something like the below:

tie the two excess pieces of yarn together, knotting twice, and then cut of the extra yarn. Now, flip your work inside out, you've completed your cozy.

Lastly, if you want to customize your cozy for a specific team, your own initials etc, thread the darning needle with a different color than what you used on the base, in my case I used white.
After threading the needle, I tied a knot at the end of my yarn
Next, I began to sew in my letters, by starting the first letter threading the yarn through from the inside of the cozy

I then continued to sew in and out until I was pleased with the thickness of my letters

When my letters were complete, I poked the darning needle into the inside of the cozy, threaded my remaining yarn through, tied a knot, and cut off the excess yarn

Below is one of the finished cozies

Be sure to check back next Monday for a new non-crochet project; have a great week!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Simple Crochet Ear Warmer

Above is my first attempt at a winter ear warmer. I think it turned out pretty well considering I made my own pattern.

Below is a much prettier version, created by threemagicsheep on, this served as my inspiration. I'm not really a flower on the hat type of girl, plus I don't know how to make flowers just yet, so I kept my version simple. I do however love this version and will attempt the flower in the future & perhaps give as a gift.

Here's how I created mine:

Caron Simply Soft Yarn in Grey Heather
H Crochet Hook
Darning Needle

To Start: Create a slipknot
Chain 18
Row 1: In the 5th chain from the hook triple crochet. Continue to triple crochet in the rest of the row until you've reached the end

Row 2: chain 5, turn, triple crochet in the first triple crochet, continue throughout the row.
Row 3 through 22: Continue repeating Row 2
Note: Depending on the size of your head you may want to create more or less rows. Also, most yarn can be very stretchy, so keep this in mind.

Now that you've reached your desired length, cut 2 feet extra of your yarn, and tie off
Now line both ends of the headband up

Thread the darning needle, and begin to weave both ends of the headband together

snip off the excess yarn
Flip the headband inside out


Monday, October 17, 2011

Celeb Inspired Infinity Scarf

My inspiration

Remember as this is a Craftynovice blog, NOVICE being the operative word, everything I post on here for the most part is basic and with a few foundation techniques you should be able to make everything I write about. That said, if you have some free time, give this scarf a try.
If you've mastered the slipknot, chain and double crochet this project will be a sinch.

Matierals Needed:
2 Balls of Yarn
H Crochet Hook
Darning Needle

For this project, I used vanna's choice yarn (that's right, vanna white has her very own yarn, who knew!), and I used the following double crochet scarf pattern (similar to beginners scarf pattern with 2 extra chains)

Chain 18
Row 1: Double crochet in the 4th chain from the hook and in each chain across.
Row 2: Chain 3, turn, double crochet in each double crochet across.
Repeat Row 2 until you've used up all of the first ball of yarn and almost all of the 2nd (leave 3 feet of yarn at the end)

Your scarf should look something like this:

When you have 3 feet of yarn left, and you've reached the end of your last row, chain one, and pull the three feet of yarn all the way through the loop

Now thread the darning needle

Match up both ends of the scarf (make sure it's not twisted)

Using the darning needle, sew both ends together

After you've completed sewing both ends together, tie off and cut off excess yarn.

Now, to wear just continously wrap around your neck; all done!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

DIY Hex Bracelets

Hex bracelets, these babies seem to be all the DIY blogosphere rage; they also look extremely simple to make, so I decided to try my hand (no pun intended) at a few too.

Minor pre-reqs; materials, and the ability to braid.

hexagon Nuts (can be picked up at a local hardware store)
twine rope

Begin by cutting 3 pieces of rope 16 inches long, tie the ends together, like so.

Braid 24

Begin to braid in the hex nuts

Braid 24
tie off

Friday, October 7, 2011

What to do before trashing a drab piece of Clothing

Once you determine you no longer want a piece of clothing, and it's not in good condition (can't donate); take a close look at it; is there anything worth saving for future projects? Buttons, zippers, beads, ribbons, the fabric itself?

Take for example this shoddy old sweater, I can 't salvage the fabric, but it does have 10 buttons; so I'll snip them off and save for later (when I figure out how to sew!)


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

How to: T-shirt Yarn

T-Shirt Yarn!
Everyone has a ton of extra t-shirts laying around, and little use for more than a few. If you're like me and you value drawer space (apartment living!), and you're in need of yarn for a new project, consider making t-shirt yarn.

No need to worry this project is beyond easy...
T-shirt you don't mind cutting up
tape measure (or you can wing it, like I did)

Begin with your t-shirt

Cut off the hem

Measure 1 inch from the bottom of the t-shirt and begin cutting in circles

Continue to cut your shirt in circles until you've reached the armpits, you will not need this portion of the shirt.

Once you cut off the excess top portion of the shirt you should be left something that looks like this

Now... pick up the end of your fabric and start gently pulling it, this should cause the fabric to curl up, it should also feel like you're removing the elasticity of the fabric... your fabric now begins to resemble yarn.

when you've completed pulling/stretching all fabric, you should be left with the below

Now, roll the yarn in a ball, and you're all set to start your new project.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Custom Message Board

If you're like me I tend to forget things a lot, So I'm always carrying around lists. Lists,lists.lists, they are absolutely everywhere, filling my purse, bedside table, drawers at work. It's time to end the madness... did you know that dry erase markers work on glass?.. well they do!
Here's an idea..what if I make my own customized dry erase board; either to rid myself of those lists or to leave my roommate messages when I'm not around.

Scrap Book Paper
dry erase marker

1. buy a medium sized picture frame from a discount store. ( I got mine at target $4)

2. Next pick a cute scrapbook paper pattern to insert into your frame(mine was from Target for 99 cents); you can also use newspaper, an old map, scrap fabric etc. (the possibilites are endless)

3. turn your scrapbook pattern over, and use the back of the frame to trace out the size

4. Cut the paper to the proper size

5. Hang or place the frame

Start leaving messages and writing lists!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Repair and Wear: Flats!

From my last post I put a picture of badazzled banana republic flats. I must tell you those shoes were the most comfortable/cutest things I've ever owned; I think I wore them upwards of 60+ times. I must say they have held up pretty well, but most recently the sole of the left toe has come apart from the top of the shoe; creating something that looks like a mouth, and with my shoes looking like that I thought it was time to toss them.

here's what they Look like now...

but why trash them, when I have a brand new toy... the HOT GLUE GUN, could this salvage my lovely shoes?
I figured it was worth a shot

I put a few tiny dabs of glue in the sole of the shoe

Pressed for 30 seconds

Let dry

removed excess glue with a scissor..

and... good as new!

Now, this can be done on virtually any shoe, but if the rest of the shoe isn't in good condition I would say maybe it is time to let them go; I attempted to salvage these because the rest of the shoe was still in mint condition.
Hope this easy tip helps!